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A Warm Welcome to Rezopia’s Blog

Hi All,

Welcome to the TravelCloudBuzz blog hosted by Rezopia!

So what’s Rezopia anyway?

If you are a tour operator, travel supplier, travel agency or a destination marketing company, Rezopia might be of interest to you. Rezopia provides a cloud-based tour and packaged travel management platform enabling you to scale revenues, reduce costs and better serve customers via the web, social networks, mobile devices and traditional call centers.

What makes Rezopia so different?

Rezopia is the first true multi-tenant architecture based system for the leisure travel industry. What this means for you is that Rezopia is deployed in a matter of days (vs. months or years), there is no hardware or software purchase and new innovations are rolled out rapidly – all in a pay-as-you go subscription based model.

With Rezopia, you are able to complement your existing products with direct interface to travel providers worldwide.  This can easily mean higher revenues.  You can stop using spreadsheets to manage your bookings.  Rezopia automates your back office tasks to increase efficiency.  With our system, upgrades are included with the subscription costs and are rolled out quickly.

By now you should have the idea that Rezopia is here to save and make you more money – what’s not to like?

This blog will provide insights into Rezopia’s innovative travel reservation platform and travel cloud computing. You will read about our company and people, product development initiatives, how our customers are using Rezopia and travel industry news.

We are super excited with this blog launch and hope that you will also join in the conversation.   Share your thoughts and ideas on packaged travel, travel cloud, technology or anything relevant that is interesting.

Take Rezopia for a test drive!  Sign up for a free trial today.


Happy Reading!

The Rezopia Team

2 responses to “A Warm Welcome to Rezopia’s Blog

  1. KP June 29, 2011 at 3:42 am

    Excited. Looking forward for more insights.

  2. Rajani Ananth June 29, 2011 at 7:37 am

    rezopia… iTs ThAt eAsY… !!

    Design, theme, colors are awesome…. Good going Team..!!

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