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What’s in Your Travel Technology Wish List?

So we started moving to our new home last weekend and one of the things that we had to replace was the dishwasher.  Okay, easy, right?  WRONG.  It was our first time buying such an appliance and we thought it would be a walk in the park.  I mean, what’s so special about it – pick the one we want, pay for it, assemble it and hook it up in the kitchen.  Well, our lack of research made the whole process a pain for us.  When we got home, we didn’t know that the dishwasher didn’t come with a power cord.  So we had to go back to the store and get that cord.  Done?  Not so.  We got home and tried to install the dishwasher and the water started leaking. – Why did the water start leaking? Was it because the plumbing was not compatible with what was there before? Or do you think if you had hired an expert plumber to do this it would have been done without leaks. You want to tie it to either researching as you mention below and / or tie it to the importance of hiring an expert in the field to do the job i.e. Rezopia is the expert in implementing travel tech solutions.

So what does this have to do with travel technology?  All I’m saying is that it is important to do your research and ask the right questions before selecting your travel software.  Create a wish list of the features that you would like to have in a reservation system.  Some of them might include:

  • Fast Deployment
  • User-friendly Online Booking Engine
  • Negotiated Products & Contract Management System
  • Packaging System – Dynamic and Pre-Set Itinerary
  • Accounting Features
  • Email Notifications
  • GDS and Wholesalers Connectivity
  • Up to Date Technology, Fast Innovation
  • And the list goes on…

What you’ll find is that there are so many options out there, but you have to consider the one that will fit your needs even when you expand your business.  You may get inclined to start with just the basics and as soon as you need more, you have to spend more money and eventually, waste more time.  Don’t be afraid to ask those “system flexibility” questions.

Rezopia is an end-to-end travel reservations, contracts, operations and distribution management system for travel providers.  Our travel software accommodates your current and future needs.  Contact us today to schedule a demo!

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