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Impact of US Shutdown on Travel

Oct 2, 2013 – If you’re planning on visiting the Statue of Liberty, seeing the wildlife at the Yellowstone National Park, or cruising the bay to get to the famous Alcatraz, it is not going to happen.  You may want to revisit your itinerary and plan on doing something else.

The government shutdown has caused the closure of hundreds of tourist attractions in America.  Obviously, the travel industry is greatly affected because of this.  According to a recent article from CNN, all 401 National Park Service sites, which collectively average about 715,000 visitors per day in October, will be closed. Moreover, guests staying in campgrounds and on-site hotels will be given 48 hours to leave.  This inconvenience, as you may have already guessed, will give America a lot of unhappy travelers.

The travel industry has been greatly affected by the US shutdown.

The travel industry has been greatly affected by the US shutdown.

I can only imagine travel providers getting phone calls such as “Will I get my money back?” from their customers.    Issuing refunds might be standard in the next few days.  Revenues of travel providers focusing on these tourist spots are seriously impacted.  Let’s also not forget that on the other side, we have national park employees who are receiving no pay due to the park shutdowns.

There has been no announcement on how long this shutdown will last.  In the meantime, travelers who choose to continue with their trip should plan on visiting other tourist attractions at their respective destinations.  For more information on which government agencies are open and which ones aren’t, visit this link.

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