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London Riots and Its Impact with Travel

It isn’t easy to see the news every morning the past couple of days.   The headlines show angry people ruining the streets of London, including stealing food and other valuables from business establishments.  Not only is this a scary situation for the citizens but for its country’s image as a whole.


London riots could affect the UK travel industry (photo by

With the London Olympics less than a year away, how will the country pull a “travel-friendly” message?  There is an article written by Kevin May of Tnooz that discusses how a group of London travel experts are combining their powers to keep promoting their country amidst all of the chaos.  The writers are bloggers that excel in their chosen field – food, culture, destinations and more.

If you initially planned on attending the 2012 Olympics, would you still go?  Again, social media has become a very powerful tool for people to  hare their views and opinions especially with an issue as huge as this.  London’s image has definitely been damaged after the global shock from the riots, causing serious concerns for those who are supposed to take part at the next Olympics.By now, travel destination specialists are just likely to expect decreased reservations to London and surrounding areas.  Will this event also force our friends in travel to offer cheaper packages?

We at Rezopia are with those who are hoping for peace and resolution, not only for London and its citizens, but most especially for our friends offering travel in London, who are praying that the chaos ends so that travel lovers are again able to enjoy what London has to offer.

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