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Making it Easy to Book Rail Vacations Online

Recently, I was browsing the web for some rail vacation packages.  I wanted to see how passenger rail companies manage their reservations and how easy it is for a customer to book a trip online. Here are some of the challenges encountered on the several websites that I visited:

  1.  Majority of the sites have no online booking option available.  Some of the sites actually have a “Book Now” button.  The problem?  That leads the customer to a quote request or some other type of inquiry form, and not a checkout page where you can actually pay.  If you cannot book now, why say so?
  2. Eight clicks to get to the checkout page.  Need I say more?  Netizens have the shortest attention and patience span.  Who wants to fill out 8 pages of information before finally booking a trip?  My ideal steps are search, find and book.
  3. PDF brochures are great, but interactive content is better.  I clicked on the rail package name and it started downloading a PDF brochure.  It took a good minute to load all the high resolution images. Instead of the brochure, why not present all the content on a web page and make it more interactive? As a user I would prefer to see the itinerary, images, videos and maps all on one page next to the “Book Now” button..  Have a separate form for requesting brochures if required.
  4. Too many details, too much text on the rules and conditions of the trip.  For example:  *prices not applicable from [this date to that date].  Add $100 per person based on double occupancy; $200 for single for those leaving from point A.  Call us if you need to add transfers. Say what? It would be nice to configure all these rules on the backend so that I just get the results that apply to me or what I am looking for.

These are just some of the frustrations that lead Rezopia to build and offer passenger rail providers the first cloud-based end to end travel management system in the market.  We have built the world’s most advanced and intuitive rail operations system to manage services, schedules, inventory, fares and fare rules enabling rail providers to improve customer service.  Rezopia’s next generation features allow passenger rail providers to create and sell vacation packages easily across multiple distribution channels.  To learn more, visit our Rail Solutions page and register for a demo.

rail vacation package

This is an example of a rail vacation package setup through Rezopia. You can create multiple tabs that include videos, itinerary details and more.

Rezopia Integration with QuickBooks

In the travel industry, we have noticed that several travel providers use QuickBooks accounting system for organizing their finances.

Rezopia Integrates with Quickbooks

Travel Software Integration with Quickbooks

With Rezopia, our travel software comes with an integrated accounting system; however, if our clients prefer to continue using QuickBooks, we also offer a seamless integration from Rezopia into QuickBooks.

Rezopia has a few receptive tour operators who take advantage of such flexibility.  This means quick deployment on their end since they don’t have to manually transfer any data from their existing accounting system to ours.

QuickBooks integration is just one of the many 3rd party connectors that Rezopia provides.  Rezopia clients are also able to interface with GDS systems and wholesalers for access to real time inventory and pricing.  These connections also allow travel providers to combine products together as a package to increase revenue.  For a list of the various third party networks that we connect with, click here.

Rezopia Launches its New Website

Rezopia Travel Software

Rezopia's New Look

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new corporate web site, The site features our next generation cloud-based travel software and offers a fresh look and feel that is now more focused on Rezopia’s target market and its unmatched features and benefits.

The homepage highlights three major areas (Manage, Sell and Service) showing where Rezopia can make a  difference for tour operators, travel suppliers, destination specialists and online travel agencies.

For potential customers, we now have a simple form, which they can fill to get trial access or demo.  We invite you to visit our web site and provide your feedback!

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